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Kohler engine small construction machinery industry seminar held

Kohler engine small construction machinery industry seminar held

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Kohler engine small construction machinery industry seminar was successfully held in Shanghai Shimao Sheshan Aimei wine store on May 28, 2015. The symposium received positive responses from insiders

wujianbin, sales manager of East China, delivered a welcome speech and introduced in detail "Kohler", a world-renowned classic brand with a history of 140 years. Founded in 1873, Kohler, headquartered in Wisconsin, USA, is one of the largest private enterprises in the world. Kohler engine belongs to Kohler power system. Kohler engine, with a long history of more than 90 years, is one of the few enterprises in the world that provides both diesel and gasoline engines. Kohler engine has become the world's leading industrial engine manufacturer with its high-quality products and continuous R & D and innovation capabilities

Li Fei, the application director of Kohler gasoline engine, analyzed in detail the accuracy and stability of Kohler double look tensile machine test data, and the characteristics of cylinder engine and single cylinder engine, which can only be tested after this, and analyzed why Kohler engine has the characteristics of long service life, low noise and convenient maintenance from the technical level. He also analyzed several typical application cases to illustrate the impact of application differences on the engine. He said that Kohler has a professional engineering design team and application engineering team, and is ready to provide professional technical support to customers nationwide. He is eager to work closely with OEM customers for technical consultation, training and field application testing

fengxiaolin, product manager, introduced the history of Kohler diesel engine. Kohler acquired Lombardini, a famous diesel engine manufacturer headquartered in Italy, in 2007. Kohler has four diesel engine factories in Italy, Slovakia and India. It provides customers with high-quality diesel engines worldwide and enjoys a high reputation in the industry

at the same time, manager Feng introduced the KDI series of Kohler diesel engine in detail. KDI has the characteristics of meeting the final stage emission standard of tier4, excellent fuel economy, long maintenance cycle, convenient maintenance, low vibration, low noise, compact structure and no need for tail gas treatment and heating regeneration. With its unparalleled advantages, Kohler KDI won the best diesel engine award in 2012 and 2015! KDI, who won this honor, has won the highest honor in the diesel industry

Chen Bin, Kohler's after-sales service engineer, introduced a topic of great concern to you - the after-sales service of Kohler engine. Chen Bin clearly answered the customer's doubts from the aspects of the service crack will become more and more serious, the warranty procedure rules, and the parts inquiry system. Let customers have more confidence in Kohler engine

one of the important links of this conference - the promotion of CH King Kong series. In order to thank the insiders for their support and trust in Kohler engine, Kohler engine carried out a special promotion for the ch King Kong series that can be preset for small construction machinery programs at the venue. The strength of the promotion made the customers happy. Due to the durability and reliability of Kohler engine and its black appearance, The industry praised it as "Black King Kong" ", expressed their love for it.

as the meeting drew to a close, participants scrambled to raise their own questions, and relevant people of Kohler engine gave professional answers one by one. The atmosphere in the venue was warm.

this seminar not only gave customers a better understanding of Kohler engine, but also brought industry insiders together to exchange and discuss. In addition, Emmy hotel is located in Sheshan, the back garden of picturesque Shanghai, which is suitable for the late spring and early summer Human climate, let this seminar leave you good memories and feelings

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