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KOMA was successfully selected as one of the first batch of "intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers" in Shanghai. In order to deeply implement the ten hundred thousand project of intelligent manufacturing application, cultivate excellent intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers, promote intelligent manufacturing application and industrial development, and effectively support the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, The Shanghai Municipal Commission of economic information technology organized the compilation of the recommended catalogue of Shanghai intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers (hereinafter referred to as the "recommended catalogue")

after the application of enterprises and the evaluation and review of experts based on the four aspects of enterprise growth, demonstration, integrity and innovation, KOMA stood out from hundreds of application enterprises and was successfully selected as one of the first batch of intelligent manufacturing system solution suppliers in Shanghai

application conditions

system solution suppliers applying for inclusion in the recommended catalogue should have the following characteristics:

● product suppliers, service providers and system integrators engaged in the design, production, installation and commissioning of intelligent manufacturing software and hardware equipment and systems, and capable of supplying system solutions

● the main business income of Intelligent Manufacturing in the previous year was more than 50million yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 15%

● at the same time, the industry served conforms to the industrial development orientation of Shanghai, has great influence in the main industrial fields served, and has good growth potential

● the customers served are in the leading position in the segmentation field, with a clear demonstration

● have the ability to provide complete solutions from scheme design, project implementation to operation and maintenance services

● actively explore and adopt new service modes and mechanisms to promote the large-scale application of intelligent manufacturing

KOMA intelligent manufacturing solutions include easy-to-use solutions, value-added manufacturing solutions and human-computer cooperation. KOMA expects that in the future, the factory will continue to improve product productivity, quality, speed and flexible performance by combining human-machine learning behavior and adopting easy-to-use solutions and intelligent automation solutions

about KOMA

as a member of FCA group, KOMA is a global leader in advanced industrial automation solutions. It integrates products, technology, export growth and services, which can help whether this monofilament has a 10% impact on the tensile strength test results. Companies of different sizes improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, and optimize return on investment. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, KOMA has more than 40 years of factory experience, covering 35 locations around the world, covering 17 countries, 15 factories with more than 9000 employees and 5 effective means of improving labor productivity in innovation. We focus on innovation, and KOMA is committed to becoming an open automation solution expert through personal and group development. Through lean engineering and sustainability, KOMA is promoting automated production in the future. Through modularization, flexibility and reconfiguration, the solution can be customized according to the needs of each customer. The continuous development and upgrading of products and services enable KOMA to lead the industrial automation industry, meet the unique needs of every customer, and throughout the entire project cycle, from design, implementation and installation to production, commissioning and maintenance services, provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of industries, including the production and assembly of thermoplastic elastomers such as polystyrene, powertrain machining, robots and services

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