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Kodak sued apple and HTC for patent infringement

Kodak sued apple and HTC on Tuesday, claiming that the two companies infringed Kodak's technical patents related to digital photos. Kodak, which has a history of 131 years, hopes to use its patent portfolio to obtain funds to achieve rejuvenation

both lawsuits were filed through the federal court in Rochester, New York City. Kodak accused apple and HTC of stealing four relevant patents in the company's image transmission, including the technology that users can share photos directly from the camera. The products involved cover many smart products of the two companies. Kodak also accused HTC of infringing another patent related to image preview function

Kodak had previously sued apple and rim for infringement of the patent, and the case is still pending in the U.S. International Trade Commission

analysts predict that Kodak will soon release the company's fourth consecutive fiscal year net loss report. At present, the company has sold more than 1100 digital imaging patents to obtain funds for the revitalization plan. Kodak CEO Antonio Perez is trying to transform into a company that provides printers for publishers, packers, advertisers and home decoration businesses. He said that if the company wins the lawsuit, it will earn more than $1billion in revenue

as the judge handling the case is about to retire, the judgment time of the case may be delayed. At present, the final judgment may last until after September. Kodak today sent a letter to the US Trade Commission to further improve product quality, requesting to prevent the import of iPhone, iPad, flyer tablet of HTC and wildfire s intelligence

camera imaging technology

Laura quat3, Kodak COO (ELA, the necessary checkpoint on the control panel of plastic tensile testing machine), said: as we said before, Kodak is a leading digital imaging innovation enterprise, and our positioning is inaccurate, and we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to establish a leading patent portfolio. We have conducted numerous negotiations with these two enterprises to solve this problem, but we have not reached a satisfactory agreement. Our main interest is not to destroy the usability of any product, but just to get fair compensation, because they stole our technology without our authorization

htc and apple have not commented on this

according to Kodak's information in the indictment, the four patents infringed by apple and HTC filed by the company today involve the joint invention of Kenneth parulski, a Kodak researcher, who holds more than 190 patents

Kodak claimed that iPad 2, iPhone and iPod touch with ball seats and upper platens installed at the lower end of Apple's screw rod infringed, and HTC's tablet computers and products including Evo view 4G, jetstream, video, amaze 4G, desire, hero s, rezond, rhyme, sensation 4G and wildfire s also infringed its patents

management changes

with the decreasing demand for traditional photographic film and the booming development of digital cameras, Kodak lost 88% of its market value last year and is struggling to survive

Kodak said earlier on Tuesday that it was streamlining its management structure and creating a chief operating office to save money. Due to the deteriorating sales performance, the company's cash reserves are drying up. The office will be headed by Laura quatela and Philip Faraci, the two presidents of Kodak. Farasi will focus on the sales and regional operations of the commercial sector, while cortla will be responsible for the consumer group sector and specific corporate functions

Kodak's latest complaint against apple and HTC will be heard in the district court for the Western District of New York

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