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KOMA new robot Racer 999 appears at the 2015 China International Machine Tool Exhibition

the compact and compact new KOMA 6-axis joint robot Racer 999 will appear at the 2015 China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT) as part of the assembly application demonstration of specific industries. This robot has a smaller working range and an accessible distance of less than 1 meter (999 mm). It is very suitable for assembly, material processing, machine tool maintenance and packaging in a narrow space

with the old robot R of the same series, Acer must be operated under the guidance of skilled staff 4. Similarly, the new robot machine is manufactured by Kunshan factory in China. 2. Polysulfone is often used in the electronic and electrical industry to manufacture integrated circuit boards, coil tube racks, contactors, jackets, capacitor films, and high-performance alkaline battery shells; manufacture. KOMA Kunshan factory is a first-class production base built with advanced technology according to the standards of intelligent chemical plants

the designed payload of Racer 999 is 7 kg, but its load capacity is as high as 10 kg at the take-off and release speed, and the fifth axis is in a limited offset state. In addition to the technical specifications, making this robot the fastest robot in this type of products, the shaped body with simulation, which will also provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry, is also one of the highlights. In fact, this series of robots can release great power from the wrist when swinging their arms. The bending curve is directly related to the speed, and the track points have unparalleled pace and fluency

the design and manufacture of this robot chassis can ensure the most powerful stability. In addition, when the deformation continues to produce 999, racer can also rely on e-motion software to optimize the action and improve the fluency of the action. Compared with the previous generation of robots, the cycle time can be reduced by 25%

the robot in the demonstration workstation is equipped with a servo tightening gun with an automatic screw feeding system, which can be used to handle the screw conveying and locking operations of screws of various specifications. The system has the characteristics of high efficiency and stability, and can be widely used in industrial assembly operations in the fields of electronic products and mechanical equipment

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