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KOMA series of integrated solutions won the 2016 SIMM exhibition

its chemical composition contains 44.44% carbon, 6.17% hydrogen and 49.39% oxygen. The 17th Shenzhen International Machinery Exhibition (SIMM) was successfully held in Shenzhen from March 29 to April 1. The SIMM exhibition, which brings together leading technologies in the intelligent equipment industry in South China, has made the first shot for China's intelligent manufacturing at the beginning of 2016. KOMA robot, the leader of robot automation integrated solutions, with its series of integrated solutions, and improved the verification requirements and precision technology for the coaxiality of the upper and lower collets and the indication accuracy of the experimental machine, and became the highlight of this exhibition to help China's intelligent butterfly change

this time, KOMA showed a number of applications such as polishing, assembly, testing, handling, etc., mainly for 3C, white household appliances and other industries customized for the South China market. These sensitive robotic arms showed their unique skills on the spot. Although they are small, their skills are not small. In the past, industrial robots can easily finish the work that took more than one worker a whole day

at the same time, improve the technological level of products

in particular, it is worth mentioning that a product line with more than 3 robots of Racer is displayed on site, which integrates the application and integration of assembly, labeling, visual inspection and so on. In a narrow workspace, all processes can be completed, and the factory operation scenario is simulated and reproduced. Its integrated scheme and versatility have filled the eyes of the on-site audience

simm2016 held a series of theme forums and conference activities, including large-scale theme dialogues and reception dinners; At the third large-scale theme forum on intelligent manufacturing and robot application technology, KOMA robot also actively participated in the interaction, striving to share the latest concepts and technologies of KOMA with more peers

KOMA hopes to take this opportunity to gather in Shenzhen with guests from all walks of life and industry giants, look forward to the manufacturing industry, and seek industry cooperation, interconnection, exchange and cooperation, and win-win development

(Figure 1: Racer 999 shows its efficient grinding ability)

(Figure 2: Racer 1.4 shows its perfect and fast handling ability)

(Figure 3: Racer 3 and Racer 999 cooperate to show accurate 3C application ability)

(Figure 4: Racer 1.4 compares shooting skills with the on-site audience)

(Figure 5 Racer 3 magic cube unit)

(Figure 6: spectacular Racer 3 product assembly line)

(Figure 7: KOMA exhibition)hot scene of Taiwan)

(Figure 8: Mathias Wiklund accepts media visits)

(Figure 9) Mathias Wiklund attends the opening ceremony of the SIMM exhibition as a VIP)

Mr. Jin Wei, the industry manager of KOMA robot, delivered a speech at the same period of the SIMM exhibition

about KOMA

KOMA is a leading manufacturer of automated flexible systems in the world, integrating products, processes and services perfectly, significantly improving efficiency and reducing overall costs. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, KOMA has a business network covering 17 countries and regions around the world, with more than 12600 employees. It is committed to using the latest technologies and processes to provide customers with an advanced complete system that has always exceeded expectations. KOMA focuses on body welding and assembly, powertrain machining and assembly, robotics and maintenance services

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