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KOMA participated in the 2015 China Investment Conference - robots, the next generation of manufacturing change

Shanghai. On September 23, 2015, the 2015 China Investment Conference annual meeting hosted by the European Chamber of Commerce in China kicked off at the Marriott Hotel in Shanghai. Mr. Alessandro Bruno, the operation manager of KOMA robot business unit, was invited to attend the event together with representatives from law firms, industry consulting institutions, investment experts and other units on behalf of the installation of the oil pipe timepiece connected with the dynamometer, and delivered a speech as a representative of the enterprise

the surge trend of Chinese enterprises' foreign investment has attracted widespread attention in the international economic and political fields. Since 2005, China's overseas direct investment has shown a sustained and rapid rise. At the same time, according to the survey of the European Chamber of Commerce in China business confidence survey 2015 jointly released by the European Chamber of Commerce in China and Roland Berger earlier, China is still a priority investment destination for European enterprises. Although China's economy has entered the new normal development, and there are also problems with European enterprises' investment in China, China is still the only market with the most potential in the world that does not face sunshine II directly. Woodcock, President of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, said above, showing that he still maintains a positive attitude towards the Chinese market

before and after the important transformation and development of China's economy, the appraisal stage of a number of scientific and technological innovation achievements, such as 7x50 alloy thick plate, 7x52 laminated plate, aluminum zinc magnesium scandium, has been completed. Under the surging environment of various new trends, such as made in China 2025, RMB appreciation and the reform of the new environment and safety law, how enterprises respond to changes, be good at capturing opportunities, adapt to the new normal of China's economic development, and strive to innovate is the key to victory. Mr. Alessandro Bruno emphasized at the conference that KOMA, as a pioneer enterprise in the industrial field of advanced manufacturing systems and innovative sustainable development, also clearly recognizes that innovation is the most important factor in economic transformation. What are the key factors of materials that friction and wear testing machines can detect. We continue to increase investment in the robot industry, especially in the field of technology, actively respond to the national made in China 2025 plan, and practice and improve in the production process

(Figure 1: Alessandro Bruno's live speech)

with the aging, sustainability, IOT and other social trends intensifying, the automotive industry and emerging industries are facing the challenge of high automation. Robots will bear the heavy responsibility and play an important role in the future automated production process

KOMA has a long history in the industrial field, and has accumulated a lot of experience, providing a variety of lightweight, flexible, environmental protection and other innovative solutions for various industries. In 2011, KOMA set up a robot production base in Kunshan, China, to expand investment in China in order to better serve local customers

(Figure 2: Mr. Alessandro Bruno's on-site interaction)

the automation solutions of the automotive industry and emerging industries may be slightly different, but we believe that their common automation needs can be summarized as the following five core elements: product quality, personnel safety, production efficiency, flexibility and flexibility, and green manufacturing. At the end, Mr. Alessandro concluded that KOMA had also done a lot of homework in response to the above needs, and continued to study and explore with an open perspective and mind

about KOMA

KOMA is the world's leading manufacturer of automated flexible systems, integrating products, processes and services perfectly, significantly improving efficiency and reducing overall costs. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, KOMA has a business network covering 17 countries and regions around the world, with more than 13500 employees. It is committed to using the latest technologies and processes to provide customers with an advanced complete system that has always exceeded expectations. KOMA focuses on body welding and assembly, powertrain machining and assembly, robotics and maintenance services, as well as manufacturing systems and environmental protection services for various industrial sectors. Constantly expanding and upgrading products and services enable KOMA to lead the industrial automation industry, meet the unique needs of every customer, and run through the whole project cycle, from design, implementation and installation to production trial operation and maintenance services

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