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Ictresearch: Huawei modular data center leads the Chinese market in 2015

CTI forum news on June 15 (Li Wenjie): Recently, the consulting agency ictresearch released the annual report on China's modular data center product market, and Huawei ranked first with 17% market share, becoming the industry leader of China's modular data center

according to the research data of ictresearch, China's modular data center developed rapidly in 2015, with the market size reaching 3.596 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.9%, and the growth rate is higher than that of the data center market. With the successful application of modular data center solutions in telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, interconnection and other industries, Huawei occupies a leading position in the modular data center market

the massive data brought by cloud computing puts forward higher requirements for the performance of data center infrastructure. The traditional rigid construction mode, high energy consumption and high investment operation mode of data center can no longer adapt to the trend of large-scale and lean data center. Simple, efficient and reliable data center infrastructure is what customers expect, and it is also the trend of the times. Market collaboration has been further improved

vice president of Huawei network energy product line

modular data center can provide a cost-effective and high availability construction mode, and traditional data center infrastructure manufacturers have entered the development of modular products. Huawei modular data uses HV (5) 0A Vickers hardness tester to conduct diamond hardness experiment. The center has outstanding performance with the characteristics of simplicity, efficiency and reliability. In 2015, it won three awards: DCD modular deployment award, DCD interconnected data center award and Enterprise Data Center award. The DCD award is an award that recognizes the innovative, leading and original ideas of the data center industry. As an authoritative institution and industry organization in the field of data center, DCD awards have high gold content and broad international influence

in 2016, Huawei released the second generation of modular data center, which opened the precedent of data center commercialization. The product takes the lead in adopting a series of cutting-edge technologies, such as weak current signal wireless transmission technology, fault automatic early warning and processing technology, pad mobile operation and maintenance technology, cold power integration and linkage technology, making the modular data center more simple, efficient and reliable

the power supply and distribution system adopts Huawei's efficient modular ups to accurately match the equipment load, improve the equipment load rate, and reduce the power loss of the UPS system at low load rate. The ups conversion efficiency can reach 96% at most. Even under 20% - 30% load conditions, the conversion efficiency is still not less than 95%, which can effectively reduce the energy loss of the data center by 10%

Huawei intelligent row level air conditioner is used in the refrigeration system. According to the equipment load, the air volume and refrigeration capacity are provided on demand, and the power loss of the refrigeration system can be reduced by 10%~20%

the cabinet system adopts closed cold channel technology to isolate the mixing of cold and hot air, reduce the loss of cooling capacity, and improve the utilization rate of cold air by 15%~20%

the intelligent monitoring and management system can not only facilitate management and simplify the management process, but also monitor the power status of equipment in real time, so that the whole data center can work in the most energy-saving state

Huawei modular data center has been widely used worldwide. Huawei and China Unicom successfully delivered the largest single modular data center in Asia in Guiyang. The two parties' cooperation is a kind of subsidy motor indirect speed change device as a micro module solution for building flexible expansion, green energy saving, rapid deployment and intelligent management. 62 micro modules and a total of 1108 cabinets are deployed in 6 months. The business is launched quickly and the later expansion is convenient. The pue of the whole data center is lower than 1.3, which reflects the green and energy-saving deployment concept of Gui'an cloud data center and has won high recognition from customers

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