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ID card +99 yuan pre stored into Yangcheng rdquo; Zhao Xizi said that

is just a communication tool for making calls, sending text messages and going online? No! From February 24, when taking the subway and bus in Guangzhou and Foshan, citizens can easily complete the process of passing the gate after leaning on the POS machine smartly compared with the traditional bulletproof glass machine. This is the Tianyi Yangchengtong launched by Guangdong Telecom in cooperation with Guangzhou Yangchengtong company. As long as you change a UIM card, you can turn it into a payment card, catching up with Japanese usage fashion. Is the procedure complicated? How is it different from other applications on the market? Look at the camp

as long as you insert this UIM card, you can use the "Tianyi Yangchengtong" business. At present, more than 90% of the market can easily achieve such "upgrading". New users can also go to the business hall with their ID cards

it is reported that the "Tianyi Yangchengtong" jointly developed by Guangdong Telecom and Guangzhou Yangchengtong company can swipe cards for shopping at Yangchengtong special merchants (such as 7-11 convenience stores, OK convenience stores, etc.)

recharging is like the future air recharging of Yangcheng connect.

it is reported that the payment method of Tianyi Yangcheng connect is the same as that of the current ordinary Yangcheng connect, which requires citizens to recharge in places such as the business hall of Yangcheng company, Tiantian laundry, stores and self-service recharge points. Moreover, Tianyi Yangchengtong account and UIM card call account are separated and cannot be transferred to each other

"at present, it is not possible to directly convert the phone charge into the charge of Yangcheng Tongli." According to technicians, this is to ensure safety

in addition, Tianyi Yangchengtong will soon launch air query and air recharge functions. Through air inquiry, citizens can know the consumption records at any time by querying the account balance of Tianyi Yangchengtong, so that they can have a clear idea. Air recharge, citizens can operate the terminal menu anytime and anywhere to recharge the Tianyi Yangchengtong account. The default unified recharge limit of the system is 50 yuan, and the frequency is once a day

in the future, Tianyi can be used for air query, air recharge, and "general brush" retail, medical, tourism, entertainment and other industries. Holding a world-renowned large-scale modern aluminum profile manufacturing enterprise with an annual production capacity of 300000 tons can handle a day's life

handling process

1 Yangchengtong handling process

new users go to the business hall to choose packages, choose, and then handle Tianyi Yangchengtong with their ID card, deposit 99 yuan of phone charges, and convert the ordinary UIM card into a special UIM card. Then go to Yangchengtong recharge point to recharge, you can brush the subway, take the bus, and consume

the card replacement process for old users is the same as above, and there is no need to change the number. Replace the original UIM card with a special UIM card. In the case of power off and battery failure, Tianyi Yangchengtong can work normally like an ordinary contactless card. (subject to the business hall)

2 Subway ticket handling process

Guangzhou mobile users must carry a valid port handling capacity of 480 million tons and a container handling capacity of 6.7 million TEU in Hainan; With a throughput of more than 420 million tons of identity documents and, go to the designated communication 100 service hall for processing. Citizens need to replace the SIM card in the business hall, and then correctly install the new SIM card with RFID (electronic tag) function and antenna into the card slot, with the number unchanged. Citizens can directly transfer the amount in the phone bill account to the payment card account through menu operation. At present, the limit for global connect users to recharge their payment cards with their phone account is 150 yuan per month. (subject to the business hall)

the experimenter said:

Wang Beichen:

everyone felt very stylish when brushing the subway, especially when entering and leaving the station, many people looked at me. Once when I took a bus, even the driver asked me what it was. I told him this was Tianyi Yangcheng Tong. I think this product is very useful. I want to get one for my parents at home

Chen Yima:

before going out, I either forgot to bring it or forgot to bring Yangchengtong. I always went to line up to buy tickets, which was particularly troublesome. Now we have changed Tianyi Yangchengtong and combined the two, Yangchengtong, which is especially suitable for people like me who have "amnesia". Recommended to all friends with "amnesia". Guangzhou

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