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Idc: the output value of the call center market will reach 44.8 billion yuan next year

IDC recently released a forecast that, driven by the continuous market demand, the total market value of China's call center market will reach 44.8 billion yuan next year. Since 1998, China's call center industry has formed a scale after nearly a decade of development, and has been applied to many industries, involving a variety of businesses. In 1999, China's call center industry ushered in the first peak of development, which is not the same as the correction point. Electric Japan was born around 1969, and the credit and financial industry was the leader in this period. After 2002, the call center industry entered a period of steady development, with more emphasis on operation and management. Since the second half of 2004, the construction demand of enterprise level call centers has increased in large quantities, thus ushering in the second development peak of China's call center industry. This second development peak driven by the construction of enterprise level call centers will be long and rational. It is estimated that the total market volume of China's call center will reach 44.8 billion yuan by 2011

from the perspective of China's call center market, there are three main characteristics. First, the diversification of implementation methods. Not only can self built call centers meet the needs of enterprises such as customer service and marketing, outsourced and managed call centers are also being accepted by more and more enterprises. Second, the diversification of solutions. Call centers responding to different industries and needs can be roughly divided into three categories: solutions based on switches, solutions based on boards and cards with more than 200mm adhesive tape (the adhesive surface of adhesive tape cannot touch hands or other materials), and integrated solutions. Each solution occupies part of the Chinese call center market and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Third, the diversification of application software. The use of the call center has expanded from the initial inbound consultation and complaint to outbound marketing, collection and payment. New businesses have driven the development of call center software. At the same time, the IP of the call center makes the development of applications more flexible. The endless applications will need the publicity and support of the government, plastic Association and other relevant departments in the later stage

from the perspective of China's call center equipment market scale and future development trend, in 2011, the call center based on switch will account for 83.4%; Card based call centers will account for 13.8%; Call centers based on integrated machines will account for 2.8%. The switch scheme is suitable for large call volume and large-scale call centers. Due to China's large population base, the call volume is unmatched by call centers in other countries. Therefore, from the beginning, the switch scheme has always occupied the vast majority of China's call center market. With the continuous improvement and development of switch technology, its stability and reliability have been greatly improved. The call center scheme based on switch will always be the mainstream of the market, and the market share will increase in the forecast period. China's information industry

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