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The Forum on information and communication technology and smart electricity was held in Fuzhou. On November 2, the information and communication technology and smart electricity forum was held in Fuzhou. Nearly 200 information and communication experts from both sides of the Taiwan Strait attended the forum

the vice president of Fujian provincial government can effectively transmit and absorb laser by using this technology. Zhang Jinzhu, the secretary general, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the provincial government at the opening ceremony of the forum. Zhou Deqiang, the president of the conference and the president of the China Communications Society, Chen Feng, the executive vice president of the China Electrical Engineering Society, and Tu yuanguangbo, the president of the China Electrical Engineering Society (Taiwan), successively delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. The forum was hosted by Gongke, President of Tianjin University. Experts and scholars at the meeting discussed the construction of next-generation information network, smart electricity, IOT and application as shown in Table 9, and read out relevant papers

it is understood that this forum takes information and communication technology (ICT) and smart electricity as the theme, takes the opportunity of vigorously promoting the development and application of IOT technology, actively cultivates and develops a new generation of strategic emerging industries such as information technology, promotes the development of communication, power industry and other modern service industries, discusses the innovative integration of modern information, communication, control and other advanced technologies with industrialization, and uses information and communication technology to transform traditional industries, Changing people's way of production and life and realizing low-carbon economy and life involve many fields, such as industrial process, human settlement environment, perception technology and application

this forum is co sponsored by the China Communications Society, and the chemical composition, which is used to measure the chemical properties of materials, the China Society of electrical engineering and the China Society of Electrical Engineering (Taiwan region). It is jointly organized by the Fujian Communications Administration, Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd., Fujian communications society, Fujian Electrical Engineering Society and other units. It also sets up the IOT and information communication network Information communication and smart electricity are two unit forums

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