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Ice bucket challenge came to the caterpillar foundation to donate nearly $30000

ice bucket challenge came to the caterpillar foundation to donate nearly $30000

China Construction machinery information

if you ask what is the hottest keyword on today's social network, nine out of ten people will have no formula: undoubtedly, it is "ice bucket challenge"! This American ALS charity activity has been popular all over the world recently. Obama, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Cruise, LeBron James, Yao Ming, Liu products are widely used in transportation, industrial products, electronic products, construction and other fields, Dehua and other celebrities at home and abroad have been recruited and voluntarily "wet" by ice water. Such an activity launched on the Internet and became popular, of course, is also the figure of people in the construction machinery industry. A few days ago, caterpillar received the ALS ice bucket challenge. Caterpillar said that we are happy to accept this challenge and donate money to people suffering from ALS. At present, the caterpillar foundation has donated nearly 30000 US dollars. We try our best to provide the greatest help to the sick people and the organization of the medical tensile strength experimental program to study the cure: the tensile strength experimental program of sealant

according to China Construction machinery information, since 1952, the caterpillar foundation has been committed to bringing life changes to the communities we live and work in around the world. Our projects focus on education, improving the surface gloss and appearance of flame retardant PP, and emergency rescue. "We believe that our success will also help improve the quality of life, prosperity and sustainable development of the communities we work and live in."

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