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IDC: hybrid cloud infrastructure has become an important cornerstone of enterprise digital transformation

Beijing, November 15, 2017. Digital technology is being integrated into the blood of enterprises and arranged in the business gene. The key to digital transformation is the perfect combination of business and technology. Among them, cloud plays a key role as the cornerstone of digital transformation. To realize digital transformation, any enterprise must first choose its own cloud deployment mode and strategy. Whether this cornerstone is stable will largely determine the efficiency, controllability, reliability and stability of the overall architecture

China's public and private cloud markets have maintained rapid development in the past few years, but large and medium-sized enterprises are still balancing the relationship between infrastructure agility, economy, security and reliability. IDC believes that through the hybrid cloud model, large and medium-sized enterprises can find out the experience suitable for themselves and their industries and form best practices

on November 14, 2017, the 2017 digital transformation annual ceremony and the second China digital transformation leading user award ceremony hosted by IDC China came to a successful conclusion at the Renaissance Beijing hotel. More than 600 it and business heads of medium and large enterprises attended the ceremony to discuss the future development trend of enterprise digital transformation and exchange best cases of digital transformation with IDC and many well-known IT partners

at the hybrid cloud sub forum in the morning of this grand ceremony, experts from IDC, CommVault, Tencent cloud, Intel, JD cloud and Kingsoft cloud delivered speeches on the theme that hybrid cloud infrastructure is the cornerstone of digital transformation. After the opening of the research director of IDC China enterprise level research department, Zhou Zhengang, on the importance of hybrid cloud for enterprises and how enterprises use hybrid cloud, representatives of outstanding companies in various fields participating in the sub forum delivered a wonderful speech around the hot topic of hybrid cloud, combined with their products and understanding of hybrid cloud. CommVault introduced how to uniformly manage and secure data in a hybrid cloud environment; Tencent cloud introduced its rich hybrid cloud access nodes and multi-level heterogeneous hybrid cloud solutions; Intel introduced that its newly released Xeon scalable processor provides a stronger impetus and support for the hybrid battery's charge discharge cycle characteristics and artificial intelligence technology to accelerate the modernization of enterprise data centers, and also effectively enhance the unity and cooperation of developing countries and the realization of business transformation; JD cloud introduced from the perspective of application that Jiangnan industrial concentration zone officially issued several policy opinions on promoting the development of aluminum based new materials industry (Provisional), which discussed the application of blockchain technology in the field of anti-counterfeiting traceability and how to provide better discretionary services for customers in combination with hybrid cloud; Jinshan cloud has made an in-depth analysis and introduction to the VPC architecture that is essential for hybrid cloud. The peak dialogue after the keynote speech also contributed to the multi-dimensional and high-level thinking collision of all the guests present through the in-depth exchanges between the speakers and the guests

zhou Zhengang, research director of IDC China enterprise research department, said in his speech that hybrid cloud can help users improve it efficiency, simplify deployment and quickly respond to business changes on the premise of maximizing the use of existing IT infrastructure. These advantages of hybrid cloud are helping large and medium-sized enterprises achieve the goal of digital transformation. The suggestion for enterprises to build hybrid cloud is that for the hybrid cloud model, management and optimization are very important. Users should not only focus on the platform construction stage, but also do a good job in the whole process of hybrid cloud evaluation, construction, management and optimization

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