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IDC: it is estimated that the big data expenditure in 2019 will reach $48.6 billion

on November 16, the Market Research Institute IDC released a forecast report last Monday that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the big data technology and service market to 2019 will reach 23.1%. IDC predicts that the annual big data expenditure in 2019 will reach $48.6 billion

idc divides the big data market into three sub markets: infrastructure, software and services. IDC predicts that these three markets will show growth in the next five years, and the management, discovery, analysis and application software of software market data will lead other markets with 26% CAGR

according to IDC's prediction, the big data service market, including professional and support services for infrastructure and software, will achieve a CAGR of 22.7%. The big data infrastructure, including computing, network, storage infrastructure and data center infrastructure, will achieve a CAGR of 21.7%, accounting for about half of the overall big data expenditure in 2019

idc said that discrete manufacturing was the industry with the largest expenditure on big data (US $2.1 billion in 2014), followed by banking (US $1.8 billion in 2014) and process Manufacturing (US $1.5 billion in 2014). The fastest growing industries are securities and investment (26% CAGR), banking (26% CAGR) and media (25% CAGR)

Ashish Nadkarni, director of IDC enterprise server and storage project, said in a statement on Monday that enterprises are increasingly interested in emerging big data related software and infrastructure technologies and the requirements that they should be suitable for transportation and loading, because they can be realized at a low cost and can create a rich ecosystem where new and old service providers can coexist and win-win. At present, new TPE products will be launched. At the same time, this market opportunity is also stimulating new investment and M & A activities, because many traditional service providers need to maintain their position by developing comprehensive solutions and new markets

idc's research report was jointly written by Nadkarni and Dan vesset, deputy director of IDC's business analysis and big data project, with the title "global big data technology and service market forecast.". The report predicts that with the maturity of big data technology, the business analysis market will continue to expand its share, although the initial annual growth may be slightly lower than the growth of maturity

According to nadkami and vesset, the final decline in the overall growth rate will be mainly due to the continuous rise in the price of infrastructure, which can be measured by viscometer when necessary, and the continuous rise in the commercialization rate of open source software. They also noted that factors such as availability, big data skills and analytical talent will also have an impact

making full use of big data and analytical capabilities to establish an integrated view of customer activities and enterprise operations will bring enterprises differentiated advantages in industry wide competition, said Jessica Goepfert, project director of IDC global technology and Industry Research Institute. However, in addition to huge business opportunities, big data will also bring significant risks to organizations and continue to increase profits in recent years. The heads of business departments and it departments need to respond to these continuous challenges with keen awareness, flexibility, adaptability and a high sense of responsibility

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