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IDC: Alibaba cloud is leading in both security capabilities and IAAs market share

recently, IDC, a global knowledge and consulting organization, released IDC marketscape: China's cloud service provider, 2017 manufacturer security assessment (hereinafter referred to as IDC cloud security assessment report). With its comprehensive strength and strategic foresight in security, Alibaba cloud ranks among the leaders, and is absolutely ahead in security capabilities and security investment

in addition to the previous IDC "China public cloud market tracking report, the second half of 2016", the report shows that Alibaba cloud has accounted for 41% of China's IAAs market share, maintaining a 130% growth rate

the results of the two reports show that while maintaining strong market competitiveness, Alibaba cloud has been recognized by many parties in terms of security, stability and user trust, and has become the double champion in the cloud competition

source: China cloud service provider, 2017 manufacturer security assessment, August 2017

idc was founded in 1964, providing advice and suggestions to enterprises and investment institutions in more than 110 countries around the world. IDC market scape multi vendor evaluation has become an important reference for global CIO procurement and strategic decisions. IDC cloud service provider security assessment is the first and only report to comprehensively assess the comprehensive security strength of China's public cloud service providers

idc draft points out that a total of 11 public cloud computing service providers were selected in this evaluation, which are located in the four major ranges of leaders, major players, contenders and participants according to their different performances in existing capabilities and future strategies. Alibaba cloud ranks among the leaders this time, which shows that it is in a leading position in security construction capacity and strategy

this assessment involves more than 20 cloud security related indicators, covering cloud infrastructure security, threat intelligence capabilities, technology progressiveness, delivery and service capabilities, compliance, ecology, etc. It is worth noting that this report is different from the previous market scape manufacturer evaluation. The size of the bubble where the service provider is located in the cloud computing service in the whole process of sports, It does not represent its market revenue. Ernst Siebert said: "This is important, but represents its investment in cloud security. In other words, Alibaba cloud, which has the largest bubble, has undoubtedly become the cloud service provider that pays the most attention to security construction in China.

idc mentioned in the report: Alibaba cloud's experience in security assurance of Alibaba's e-commerce brand has greatly verified the availability and stability of the cloud platform. In addition, Alibaba cloud's engineering perfection in the field of security, and The advantage of industry compliance is also a key factor for Alibaba cloud to take the lead

according to the public capital, you can also install the sample materials first. Alibaba cloud has become the most qualified cloud service provider in Asia, and is also a pioneer in the field of cloud security and data privacy protection. As early as 2013, Alibaba cloud passed ISO27000 and csastar standard certification, integrating the advantages of cloud into the general security management system to ensure the security of cloud platform and provide comprehensive security support to customers. In China, Alibaba cloud has also become the country's first pilot demonstration platform for cloud warranty, and the first cloud computing service provider that has passed the national level 4 filing and evaluation of cloud warranty

since its first day of establishment in 2009, Alibaba cloud has regarded security and data privacy as its life. In 2015, Alibaba cloud took the lead in launching data protection initiatives around the world. At the 2017 yunqi conference in Shanghai, Alibaba cloud President Hu Xiaoming said that protecting customer data privacy is Alibaba cloud's first principle: Alibaba cloud carries the trust of customers. For us, customer data security and privacy protection are the most important things

at present, Alibaba cloud helps 37% of stations across the country resist 1.6 billion attacks every day. In terms of future cloud security strategy, Alibaba cloud is expected to focus on intelligence and ecology, make breakthroughs in AI, machine learning and algorithms, and make efforts in the international market

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