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IDC: the global smart home market will grow by 27% in 2019

IDC: the global smart home market will grow by 27% in 2019

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original title: IDC: the global smart home market will grow by 27% in 2019

April 1 news, according to the data recently released by International Data Corporation (IDC), The global smart home device market is expected to grow by 26.9% year-on-year to 832.7 million in 2019. In addition, IDC predicts that the household monitoring and safety category will continue to dominate in 2019, with a shipment of 143 million. Lighting and smart speakers are also expected to grow, with the former shipping 56.9 million in 2019 and the latter 144.3 million

from the table, it can be seen that in 2019, home video entertainment equipment accounted for 43%, followed by smart speakers, safety monitoring, lighting, temperature controllers, etc. By 2023, the proportion of safety monitoring equipment and intelligent lighting equipment will increase significantly

as consumers adopt more and more devices at home and the availability of global products and services is increasing, it is expected that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the global smart home market will reach 16.9% from 2019 to 2023, and it is expected that the global shipments of smart home devices will reach 1.6 billion by 2023

jitesh ubrani, IDC Research Manager, said that Amazon and Google will mainly promote their products to consumer families in 2018, and bundle them through low-cost smart speakers and a variety of device categories, but they 2 must ensure that the system warms up for more than 20 minutes. The goal of 019 should be to bundle more devices together to form a more cohesive experience

ramon t.llamas, research director of IDC's consumer IOT program, said, "an important trend that needs attention is how smart aids can integrate into the whole family if they don't know the reason." In fact, many domestic manufacturers have also noticed this trend and are committed to building such an intelligent ecosystem, so that our future lifestyle will become more and more intelligent

although the smart jc/t 621 ⑴ 996 quicklime home market for silicate building products will basically be dominated by Amazon and Google, IDC expects apple to gain more market attention in this regard in the next few years. The current popularity of IOS and MacOS devices and the availability of Apple applications or services on non Apple products will help Apple slowly attract more consumers into their ecosystem, while attracting third parties to build compatible devices

besides apple, Samsung is another company worthy of attention. Because of its rich product line, Samsung will continue to increase its investment in Bixby and tizen

"smart assistant will act as the contact point of multiple smart home devices, and basically become the cornerstone of smart home experience. We have seen this on smart speakers, and smart assistant will eventually turn to household appliances, thermostats and various video entertainment devices."

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