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Omnidirectional mobile automatic welding robot can "write" and amaze the audience. At the 2015 world robot conference, the omnidirectional mobile automatic welding robot developed by Beijing satellite manufacturing plant was unveiled. The machine is the first omni-directional mobile automatic welding robot in China that has realized engineering application. Omnidirectional mobile automatic welding robot is a set of intelligent flexible manufacturing equipment with "intelligent mobile platform + flexible welding robot + laser tracking and video monitoring system" as the core. Among them, the intelligent mobile platform system for stretching and tightening speed control through frequency converter is the product of the factory with independent intellectual property rights, which can move in any direction in the two-dimensional plane, and can achieve high-precision positioning and trajectory control; The optional driving technology of carrying the welding robot on the intelligent mobile platform is like installing walking legs on the robot arm

transition metal elements as cathode materials

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