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In the second half of 2016, South Korea developed OLED panels with integrated graphene electrodes

recently, a research team from South Korea successfully developed the world's first OLED display panel with integrated graphene electrodes in a wide temperature range. Maybe you don't feel much about this achievement, but it is of great significance. In the flexible ultra-thin graphene OLED screen, it is likely to be further used in wearable devices and smart clothing in the future

researchers replaced the traditional indium tin oxide electrode with graphene and developed a 370 × The 470mm OLED panel, which is also the driving force to expand the small panel control system, is only 5 nm thick. In contrast, our hair is 80000 to 90000 nanometers thick. If this ultra-thin, ultra compact flexible OLED screen is combined with high-performance devices, it will be of great significance for flexible display technology in the future

for wearable devices and smart clothing, in the future, we need to be able to bend and curl on the screen to match our body, and the more than 900 international standard booths need this super flexible new material to wrap under the plastic material to continue to play its role. The next goal of the research team is to try to use plastic substrate instead of glass for this kind of graphene flexible OLED, so it can further increase flexibility and improve the toughness of the screen

according to the leader of the research group, the Korea Institute of electronics and telecommunications technology, if this technology is successfully developed, it can quickly promote the manufacturing technology of graphene OLED panels after commercialization in the future

graphene has always been known as a "magical material" and has been applied in many industries, from batteries to filters that can turn seawater into fresh drinking water. Graphene has been used in the field of display screen for many years. At present, there have been a variety of prototype products. At the beginning of this year, the first graphene electrode OLED appeared in Germany. In the next two to three years, we are likely to see the emergence of practical products

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