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Asia polystyrene market comprehensive review

although rejected by buyers, sellers in Southeast Asia still maintain high quotations. As buyers have to buy before the holiday at the end of the year, buyers' interest in buying has increased. Sellers hope to have more transactions before the National Day holiday in October. However, spot transactions were flat and buyers' purchases decreased. In Southeast Asia, the market is weak, and sellers are forced to reduce their quotations, but buyers are cautious about the recovery of PS prices, so the market transaction is flat

market transactions

1. The quotation of South Korean manufacturers is $570 ~ 580/ton (CFR China's main port) and $550/ton (CIF Hong Kong). The correction value can be given

2. The GPPS quotation of Taiwan sellers is $560/ton (CIF Hong Kong), but the buyer's purchase price is lower, which is $540 ~ 550/ton (CIF Hong Kong)

3. In China, the quotation of GPPS made in Taiwan is $580 ~ 600/ton (CFR main port), and the quotation of hips is about $20 ~ 30/ton, However, the transaction price of prompt shipment to the end user is 540 ~ 560 US dollars/ton (CFR price difference is getting smaller and smaller, China's major ports)

4. In Southeast Asia, the target price of GPPS for most sellers is $0/ton (CFR Southeast Asia) for small feet of odd shaped profiles, but buyers are unwilling to deal at this price. The price of GPPS for prompt shipment to Indonesia is 520 US dollars/ton (CFR). The transaction price of GPPS by traders in Singapore/Malaysia is US $530 ~ 540/ton. It is reported that the price of spot GPPS produced in Southeast Asia sold to Myanmar is $550/ton, and the price to Vietnam is $540/ton (CFR). Unconfirmed

spot price


CFR Hong Kong price is $520 ~ 550/ton flat ~ + 10

CFR Taiwan price is $520 ~ 550/ton flat ~ + 10

CFR South Korea price is $520 ~ 550/ton + 10 ~ + 10

CFR China price is $530 ~ 560/ton flat ~ + 10f=0.98 × 1250=1225n

cfr Southeast Asia price 520 ~ 540 US dollars/ton flat


cfr Hong Kong price 530 ~ 560 US dollars/ton flat

cfr China price 540 ~ 570 US dollars/ton flat ~ + 10

cfr Southeast Asia price 540 ~ 560 US dollars/ton flat

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