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Analysis of the comprehensive utilization of raw materials in the non-ferrous metallurgical industry

with the continuous development of the socialist market economy, the industrial demand of society increases, and the smelting of non-ferrous metals is gradually paid attention to. Today, with the rapid development of industry, the technology of industrial production has also been rapidly improved, but it is still difficult to make full use of non-ferrous metals. This paper will analyze and study the utilization of raw materials in the non-ferrous metallurgical industry

non ferrous metallurgy industry is an important part of industrial development. With the increase of social ecological demand, the state pays more and more attention to the ecological environment. In the production process of non-ferrous metallurgy, we should pay full attention to the importance of environmental protection and the effective utilization of raw materials

the impact of non-ferrous metal industry on the environment

the continuous integration of countries around the world also forces the country to realize the importance of industrial development. The country needs to accelerate the development of industry, which also destroys the natural balance. In order to realize industrial modernization, many countries ignore the protection of the natural environment, which hinders industrial development and threatens human health and life safety. This is the harm suffered by large industrial countries. After the environment is destroyed, we think of protecting the environment and pay a great price to renovate the ecological environment, which will also slow the pace of industrial development. As for the advanced industrial practice experience of western countries, our country can learn from it and walk out of its own path of industrial and ecological balance

nonferrous metals are scarce metal resources, and the amount of raw materials involved in the mining process is huge. In the most early stage of nonferrous metallurgy, due to the technical level and understanding of raw materials are not quite mature. In the process of mining non-ferrous metals, rough technical means have affected the metal refining to a certain extent, and a large number of raw materials have been discarded, resulting in ecological pollution and waste of raw materials. Therefore, in the past few decades, the ecological environment has also been constantly persecuted, resulting in a certain degree of pollution of the natural environment and hindering industrial progress and sustainable development

utilization of raw materials for non-ferrous metallurgy

2.1 Improve metallurgical process

the improvement of metallurgical process is a symbol of national development and progress. Industrial modernization is a process that society must experience. In the process of non-ferrous metallurgy, we should realize that the waste of raw materials will fasten the fastening screws of the load flange reliably and waste. Industrial development will inevitably require a large number of resources, and the exploitation of resources means the reduction of renewable energy. The state should pay attention to energy exploitation and realize the importance of non renewable energy. Increase production investment and technological innovation, carry out technological changes on the basis of the original technology, increase the degree of detail of process production, effectively use the metal substances in raw materials, and achieve the maximum refining and production processing. Maximize the availability of raw materials, reduce production waste and reduce ecological pollution

2.2. Early detection of raw materials

in the early stage of raw material processing, attention should be paid to the metal content of raw materials. With the continuous progress of scientific and technological level, the level of industrial production technology has also been well developed. Before industrial production, the corresponding industrial technicians should conduct sampling surveys on raw materials, use equipment analysis, and understand all the metal components contained therein, so as to take relevant technical means to purify metal substances and reduce metal waste in the process of industrial production

2.3. Utilization rate of metal after recycling

the purification of raw materials is to apply it to other industrial production, and the metal detection of raw materials is to reduce industrial waste. Under the refining of advanced production technology and equipment, waste materials are minimized. However, the utilization rate of metal in production technology in reality is a big problem. The metal produced on the basis of spending a lot of financial resources and production process time can not be used for the continuous, healthy and rapid development of the company, which is also a drawback in production. The large-scale equipment used in production needs energy supply to operate. If the metal material produced cannot make up for the consumption produced in production, then the refining of this metal should be reduced, and the cost proportion should also be considered in the production process. Industrial production is to promote social development and social progress. If we only use modern technology to extract metal substances that cannot be used, such a way will not pay off. Therefore, while long-term energy testing and development, attention should be paid to screening the utilization rate of energy and its available value

2.4. Pay attention to ecological balance

the development of non-ferrous metallurgy industry should pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment while mining raw materials. We should not blindly develop and ignore the ecological balance. This is a problem that exists in most countries. There must be certain ways and means to solve the ecological problems. First of all, when mining raw materials, we should pay attention to the surrounding environment and geographical location, and carefully analyze the geology. 2 The reducer composed of synchronous toothed belt and precision ball screw pair is used to detect and mine the corresponding metal raw materials. Secondly, in the production process, pay attention to the treatment of waste gas, optimize the purification system, and reduce air pollution. Only in this way can we promote the balance of the ecological environment and abide by the principle of ecological conservation

2.5. Conversion of production energy consumption mode

in the production process of raw materials, since China's main energy composition is coal and oil, coal and oil are applied in the industrial production process, so that they can be burned as raw materials to drive industrial production. Oil and coal are non renewable resources, so we should pay attention to the loss of energy in the process of burning coal as raw materials. The combustion process of coal will be accompanied by a large number of soot and harmful substances, so it is very important to change the form of raw materials used in the metal industry. The state can use technical means to transform metal smelting equipment, optimize the combustion mode of equipment, and use new energy to replace non renewable resources. In this way, while carrying out scientific production, enterprises not only save energy consumption, but also reduce air pollution. Moreover, it can better promote the sustainable development of industry

significance of comprehensive utilization of raw materials in non-ferrous metallurgical industry

the full utilization of raw materials in metallurgical industry has far-reaching significance, and the pace of industrial development is constantly promoted with the advent of the world industrial era. Optimizing the utilization rate of raw materials in metallurgical process can promote the sustainable development of ecology and make full use of production raw materials. It not only alleviates the problems caused by the development and overexploitation of ecological resources, but also reduces the natural pollution of waste raw materials, which is of great benefit to the ecological balance. China's industrial production still has a long way to go. We should constantly explore and pursue in the industrial process, look at problems from the perspective of development, solve problems, and use the ideas of the new era to promote the pace of the industrial era

5. Don't tamper with the components of each unit.

the progress of society and the industrial era can effectively promote the development of the non-ferrous metallurgical industry. Only by clearly understanding the important utilization value of industrial raw materials, can we get new types of metals conducive to the national industrial development in the research of raw materials. Only by comprehensively utilizing the raw materials in the non-ferrous metallurgical industry can we find a characteristic road suitable for China's industrial development

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