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AI entrepreneurial Gangs: MIT's 14 "Chinese faces"

under the tide of AI entrepreneurship, who is the cradle of AI entrepreneurs? In this regard, yiou checked a collection of entrepreneurial alumni in the field of artificial intelligence, bringing together the four major foreign universities (CMU, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley) and the four major domestic universities (Tsinghua, Peking University, Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University) - welcome to the AI entrepreneurial Gang special series: Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of technology, Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University Zhejiang University

was released by emery Berger, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Csrankings, a list reflecting the strength of global universities in the field of computer science, recently released its latest ranking in 2018. The top four universities in the world are Carnegie Mellon from the center for foreign cooperation of the Ministry of environmental protection, Tsinghua University Many experts in the environment and building materials industry from Peking University and the Nordic Institute of product sustainability and environmental chemistry and toxicity University (CMU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University (Stanford) and the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). As the top-level institutions with the strongest computer science strength in the world, these four schools have gathered talents from the field of artificial intelligence all over the world. They are also the main gathering place of artificial intelligence entrepreneurs, and can be called the four major entrepreneurial gangs of artificial intelligence

in this regard, yiou checked the representatives of Chinese AI entrepreneurial alumni from these four top universities in the computer field (CMU, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley). This article is one of the articles in this series - the collection of AI entrepreneurial alumni from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This article only reviews some AI entrepreneurial alumni from MIT. Please add more information. Please see the end of the article for detailed contact information

the Massachusetts Institute of technology is a world-famous private research university. It is known for its top engineering and computer science. Together with Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, it is known as the academic leader of engineering and technology. In June 2017, times higher education published the world university reputation ranking, and MIT ranked second in the world, second only to Harvard University. Alumni from this famous school with computer talents also come from China, such as Yuan Wenda, partner of red dot investment and head of China, Wu Yiming, founder of singularity financial services, Tang Xiaoou, co-founder of Shangtang technology, Zhu long, founder of ETO technology, etc

the following are some entrepreneurial alumni representatives from Massachusetts Institute of technology in some entrepreneurial companies in the field of artificial intelligence listed by euro billion. Welcome to add more letters with a view to using nanoparticles to enhance the performance of modified plastics

smart Starlight - Lan Yu

smart starlight was founded in February 2012. It is the world's leading text big data service provider and the first big data company in China to apply cloud computing, big data technology, artificial intelligence and SaaS mode to the fields of Internet information services, text big data and public opinion services. A multi-dimensional business system integrating standardized application products, data services, big data reports and industrial application solutions has been formed, and a text big data ecosystem has been gradually established to achieve effective information symmetry and maximize data value. Lan Yu, vice president of smart starlight, is a graduate student of Massachusetts Institute of technology and the former vice president of technology of Google Spain

Shangtang technology - Tang Xiaoou

Shangtang technology, founded in August 2014, is the world's leading developer of deep learning platform, focusing on building artificial intelligence visual engine. Based on the self-developed in-depth learning platform, Shangtang outputs a full set of artificial intelligence vision technology, including imaging processing, perception, recognition, and serves many industries such as finance, safe city, robot, driverless, etc. Its co-founder Tang Xiaoou is a doctor of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. He is currently the dean of the Department of information engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the deputy dean of the Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

yiou report: Shangtang technology, together with Qualcomm, promotes the popularization of terminal side AI in the mode of "algorithm + chip"

Yitu technology - Zhulong

Yitu technology, founded in September 2012, is a computer vision technology company, which provides users with information acquisition and human-computer interaction products based on image understanding, and is committed to building the future of machine vision. Its products involve many fields, such as portrait recognition and comparison, living body recognition, vehicle recognition, the establishment of deck library, visual feature vehicle search and so on. The founder and CEO of eatO technology is a doctor of statistics from the University of California, Los Angeles. He studied statistical modeling and computing of computer vision under Professor Alan yuille. Later, he served as a postdoctoral researcher in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of technology and a researcher in the Courant Institute of mathematics of New York University

yiou report: a good play between China Merchants Bank and ETO technology

Yike energy equota - Wang Chunguang

Yike energy was founded in 2014. It is an energy consumption and carbon emission management expert based on energy big data. Through intelligent machine learning, individual oriented model, cloud computing platform and other technologies, it is committed to providing customers with one-stop energy management solutions for data monitoring, energy consumption optimization and carbon emission management. Wang Chunguang, the founder and CEO, holds a master's degree in system design and management from the Massachusetts Institute of technology's planning port and Port Industrial Park College, and a master's degree in computer and software science from the University of Washington

assistant laiye Luo Chao

assistant laiye was also established in July 2015. It is a leading AI interaction platform. Through natural language processing technology based on deep neural networks, it creates knowledge-based industry assistant products, empowers professionals, provides more efficient business insight and intelligent interaction solutions, creates core value, and realizes business closed loop. Luo Chao, the chief strategy officer, received an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of technology and once worked for Tencent investment and Bain consulting

yiou report: the assistant has also received a b-round financing of tens of millions of dollars, and has made efforts to build an intelligent assistant serving the b-end

Yitong technology Steve Mann

Yitong technology, founded in December 2015, is an intelligent hardware research and development company, committed to developing a smart glasses that innovate human visual perception, which can perfectly integrate the real world and the virtual world, The main products are intelligent glasses based on mediated reality, such as "easy pupil vmg". Steve Mann, the person in charge of the company, is a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, a lifelong professor in the Department of electronic and electrical engineering at the University of Toronto, and is recognized by academia and the media as the "father of wearable computers"

speech- Chen Haoliang

speech, founded in June 2015, is a voice recognition identity security solution provider, which mainly provides voice recognition and identity security solutions for public security, finance, social security, intelligent hardware and other industries. CEO Chen Haoliang is a doctoral student in Applied Mathematics at MIT. He has done research on large-scale matrix operations in MIT and CCIS laboratories

yiou report: voiceprint recognition company speakin received tens of millions of yuan of financing, and IDG capital led investment

pengfeng technology - Zhang Xianyi

pengfeng technology, founded in June 2016, is a machine learning acceleration algorithm technology development company. Its main goal is to solve the computing performance problems in AI, provide high-performance frameworks and libraries for embedded systems and server clouds, and help customers in AI and other technology computing fields, Improve the operation speed, improve the processing efficiency, and shorten the landing cycle. Zhang Xianyi, the founder and CEO of the company, is a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of technology and once served as an assistant researcher at the Institute of software, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Founded in February 2015, woobo is an interactive robot development company driven by artificial intelligence technology. At present, the company is still in the research and development stage of core technologies, mainly involving artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, voice question answering and robots. Tan Feng, the founder of the company, is a doctor of vacuum friction and wear testing machine in the Department of mechanical engineering of Massachusetts Institute of technology. He studied in the Department of precision instruments of Tsinghua University in Beijing as a bachelor, and once served as the president of the student science and Technology Association

Jingtai technology/xtalpi Wen Shuhao/Ma Jian/Lai Lipeng

Jingtai Technology (xtalpi) was founded in September 2015. It is a high-tech enterprise that uses the most cutting-edge quantum chemistry, cloud computing and big data technologies to provide drug crystal design services for global innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, mainly providing drug crystal prediction and crystal patent protection services, helping pharmaceutical enterprises improve R & D efficiency and reduce drug quality and patent risks. Wenshuhao, President of Jingtai technology, is a postdoctoral student at MIT. His main research interests are quantum classical hybridization and multi-scale simulation; CEO Ma Jian is a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. His main research interests are quantum computing and quantum dynamics in biological systems; Coo lailipeng is a postdoctoral fellow at MIT. His main research interests are mathematical physics and computational physics

auto x- Xiao Jianxiong

autox was founded in October 2016. The company's main research and development direction is to apply artificial intelligence technology to the field of automatic driving. The current solutions cover environmental awareness, path planning and system control of machinery. Only using the camera can realize the automatic driving of the vehicle. Because there is no need to use radar, laser, ultrasound or special navigation equipment, the cost of realizing automatic driving can be greatly reduced. Xiaojianxiong, the founder, is a doctor of Massachusetts Institute of technology. After graduation, he worked as an assistant professor at Princeton University

Zhijia technology maxieye Zhou Shengyan

Zhijia technology maxieye, founded in November 2015, is a company developing advanced assisted driving ADAS products and auto drive system, providing lane departure warning (LDW), lane keeping (LKA), front vehicle collision warning (FCW) and other products; At present, maxieye has completed the system development and testing of the leading autonomous vehicle; In terms of hardware, the independently developed algorithm can run on Freescale, Ti, ADI and other platforms. Founder Zhou Shengyan went to MIT to study as a graduate student in 2008, and his tutor was in the same laboratory as the founder of Mobileye, Amnon shashua

robby technologies Li Rui/dheera venkatraman

robby technologies, founded in March 2016, mainly develops automatic delivery robots for "the last mile" takeout, non-staple food and parcel express delivery services, which can significantly reduce labor costs. Palo Alto, located in Silicon Valley, founder and CEO Li Rui and co-founder and co-founder ctodheera venkatraman are Ph.D. graduates of MIT, and their main research fields are robotics, computer vision, machine learning and lidar

pony Zhixing - Hu Wen

pony Zhixing was founded in December 2016. It is a company focusing on autonomous driving solutions. Its products sense its environment based on radar, optical radar, GPS and computer vision technologies to achieve the purpose of autonomous driving. Hu Wen, COO and CFO of smart Bank Ma, graduated from the Sloan School of business, Massachusetts Institute of technology, and served as a tutor of the Hong Kong Innovation Center of Massachusetts Institute of technology. He once served as the head of high-tech investment business at ICBC International (industrial and Commercial Bank of China investment platform)

Professor Xing Bo, who ranked first in the papers of the computer science summit of Carnegie Mellon University, and Professor Michael I. Jordan, a top expert in the field of artificial intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley, confirmed their participation

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