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Comprehensive treatment and utilization of wastewater (hydrogen peroxide plant) - Introduction (1)

this paper briefly describes the treatment of wastewater from hydrogen peroxide plant of Zhongyuan Dahua Group Company, the measures of recycling and utilization, and the comprehensive benefits generated. In view of the large amount of waste water in the unit, the plant strengthened the control of the source of sewage, implemented the monitoring of the whole process of prevention and production at the same time, and comprehensively implemented cleaner production. Through continuous improvement of the sewage treatment process, the good effect of COD of the treated sewage is less than 100mg/l was achieved, which really achieved the unity of social benefits, economic benefits and environmental benefits, with less oil and bubbles

the hydrogen peroxide plant of Zhongyuan Dahua Group Company is an enterprise that comprehensively utilizes synthetic ammonia purge gas to produce hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide, H2O2), and produces a large amount of wastewater in the production process of dilute (27.5% H2O2) and concentrated (50% H2O2). In order to achieve standard discharge, a set of sewage treatment facilities with a reasonable sewage volume of 20t has been designed, constructed and put into operation at the same time with the main project, which lays a solid foundation for long-term development. With the rapid development of economy, more and more water is needed, while less and less clean water is needed. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in sewage treatment and wastewater recycling


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