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Smart upgrade of eco city - Schneider Institute of electrical media comprehensively interprets how to build an efficient economy for smart city development

Beijing, China. On June 3, 2014, Schneider Institute of electrical media, a global energy efficiency management expert, once again spoke. The theme of this issue comprehensively interprets how to build an efficient economy for smart city development. Schneider Electric has been committed to helping China build an efficient, livable and sustainable smart city, help China develop an efficient economy and build a low-carbon society. Lei Bo, director of smart city business of Schneider Electric China, introduced his forward-looking views, innovative solutions, unique operation modes and best practice experience in the field of smart city to the media

the 12th Five Year Plan has included the construction of a smart city in the national economic and social development work, requiring urban management to be more intelligent and intelligent. In the face of sharp social phenomena such as urban population growth and aging infrastructure, Schneider Electric shoulders the important mission of building an efficient, livable and sustainable city to achieve energy conservation and efficiency, improve urban operation efficiency, create a more comfortable living environment and development space, and enhance the attractiveness of the city

Schneider Electric has transformed its business in the smart city field from providing infrastructure products to ecological and smart city solutions, helping to build an ecological city, realize smart upgrading, and promote social sustainable development. Schneider Electric provides solutions that adapt to local conditions to make urban development more flexible and easy to manage, and bring unique key values to customers:

construction blueprint: Schneider Electric's expert team will conduct on-site visits to the city, and through analysis and evaluation, design a blueprint for the sustainable development of the city, which is also the nerve center of the long-term and benign development of the city, To sort out a clear context for the specific construction and improvement of the city

bottom up operation mode: Schneider Electric suggests starting from the bottom of the city, repairing infrastructure first to ensure the efficiency of different parts of the city, and then connecting all systems. Laura Bowman, chairman of trade partnership, a unique bottom-up Washington consulting firm, said that the operation mode would ensure the enforceability of urban transformation and the smoothness of urban operation

ot and it technology integration: Aiming at the problems in urban development, Schneider Electric integrates ot (operation technology) and it (Information Technology) technologies, integrates reasonable solutions, effectively improves urban energy utilization and flexibility, and realizes the perfection, quickness and intelligence of urban operation

smart city includes six fields: smart 2, fatigue testing machine, smart energy, smart transportation, smart water, smart public services, smart building and home, and smart integration. Building a smart city is a complex process, covering various relationships and value chains. For this purpose, Schneider Electric will, from the overall perspective, coordinate and coordinate the relationship between different partners such as the government and enterprises, integrate the needs of various parties, realize the optimization of resources and interests, and help the city realize the all-round development mode through the design, financing and talent development mode

Lei Bo, business director of Schneider Electric smart city, said: the 18th CPC National Congress proposed to build a new urbanization road, and advocated to work together to build a beautiful China, put the construction of an ecological civilized city in a prominent position, integrate it into the construction of economy, culture, society and other aspects, and achieve energy efficiency in China. Adhering to the concepts of integrity, integration, innovation and cooperation, Schneider Electric and its partners have made contributions to the landing of smart cities in China

Mr. Leibo shared with the media present how to build a smart city development efficiency economy

Schneider Electric has provided Smart City consulting services and solutions for more than 200 cities around the world, including Masdar in the United Arab Emirates, Madrid in Spain, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In the future, Schneider Electric will, as always, be committed to sharing practical experience with more urban construction and transformation, and make contributions to China's ecological civilization and new urbanization

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