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On February 29, ABS production and sales dynamics of some enterprises

1. Zhenjiang Guoheng ABS device is normally produced, and the manufacturer's inventory is general. At present, the ex factory price of D180 is 15900 yuan/ton, which is usually no problem. The ex factory price of D190 is 15800 yuan/ton, and the actual ex factory price is low

2. Lanzhou Petrochemical ABS unit is at full capacity. Previously, domestic diaphragm enterprises mainly used dry diaphragm. The quotation in the new 301 province is 15100 yuan/ton, and the quotation in the as province is 14100 yuan/ton. Recently, the inventory is general, the local supply is relatively small, and the supply is mainly sent to PetroChina

3. The external quotation of Ningbo LG Yongxing ABS is stable. The reference quotation of 121h is 16000 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price is slightly lower than the quotation. The quoted price of $121h increased by $20/ton to $1800/ton. Yesterday's sales were OK, the production of the device was normal, and the overall inventory was not high

4. The operation of Changzhou Xinhu ABS device is basically normal. The external quotation of ac800 is 15300 yuan/ton, and the external quotation of ac810 is 15400 yuan/ton. The manufacturer claims that all preferential measures are canceled at present, and there is no discount on the basis of quotation. Recently, the sales are OK, and the inventory is not much

5. Panjin Ethylene ABS production is normal and the price is stable. The price of ch510 remains at 14400 yuan/ton, the contract price is slightly lower than 150 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer's inventory is slightly higher. It is said that the production and sales rate in February has been completed, and the release of goods has been suspended for the past two days

6. The ABS unit of Daqing Petrochemical operates smoothly, and the price of 750A is stable at 1. Organize and implement the special project of major short board equipment of 5050 yuan/ton (northeast region), and the manufacturer's inventory and sales are normal. The price of PetroChina Northeast company is stable at 15050 yuan/ton

7. The ABS unit of Jilin Petrochemical operates normally. The quotation in 0215a province continues to be stable at 15050 yuan/ton (northeast price). The manufacturer's inventory is not high, and most of the sources of goods are sent to PetroChina

8. Zhenjiang Qimei ABS device is produced by one line, and the manufacturer has general inventory and general sales rdquo; Zhao Xizi, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of metallurgy, said that today, the ex factory price of 707k is 15800 yuan/ton, and that of 757K is 16100 yuan/ton

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