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On January 3, ABS production and sales dynamics of some enterprises

1. Zhenjiang Guoheng ABS device is in full production, and the external quotation remains unchanged. Due to its low transaction price, the external quotation has lost its guiding significance at present. D180 is quoted at 16000 yuan/ton, D190 is quoted at 15900 yuan/ton, and the transaction can be negotiated. The manufacturer's inventory is not high, and the sales are average

2. The production of CNPC southwest ABS device is normal, and the ex warehouse price remains unchanged. 0215a is quoted at 15200 yuan/ton, 301 is quoted at 15250 yuan. What are the safety measures for power cable line test in the electrical safety work regulations/ton, 301w is quoted at 14950 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer's inventory is not large, so the sales are general

3. Ningbo Taihua ABS plant has eight production lines, and the quotation remains stable. Ag15a1's external quotation is 15800 yuan/ton, AG12A1's external quotation 158 reached the same growth rate of 00 yuan/ton in the second quarter, and AG15E1's external quotation is 15600 yuan/ton; NF2200 is quoted at 14800 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price is slightly lower. The transaction price is more than one, and the inventory is general

4. Lanzhou Petrochemical ABS unit is in full production. The quotation in 301 province is stable at 15200 yuan/ton. The actual batch discount is implemented, and the agency price is about 100 yuan/ton lower. Yesterday, there was not much inventory, and most of the goods were sent to PetroChina for sale

5. The operation of Panjin Ethylene ABS plant is normal. Today, the price of ch510 is stable at 15200 yuan/ton, the contract price is slightly lower than 150 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer's inventory is not large

6. Changzhou Xinhu ABS device is under normal operation, with normal inventory and general sales. Today, ac800 is quoted at 15400 yuan/ton, and ac810 is quoted at 15400 yuan/ton. The actual price is slightly lower, and most transactions are negotiated

7. The ex factory quotation of Ningbo LG Yongxing ABS after the festival is stable, the manufacturer's inventory is not large, and the sales are weak. Today, the reference quotation of 121h is 16000 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is slightly preferential. The US dollar quotation is 1745 dollars/ton

8. The ABS unit of Jilin Petrochemical is under full load, and the price in 0215a province is stable at 14920 yuan/ton. The current inventory is slightly high, and the sales situation is general. Most of the goods are shipped to PetroChina

9. The operating rate of Zhenjiang Qimei ABS device is% and is expected to be close to 150billion yuan. The manufacturer has slightly higher inventory and poor sales. Today, the ex factory quotation of 707k is 15400 yuan/ton, and the ex factory quotation of 757K is 15700 yuan/ton

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