The world's first 10000 ton ethylenediamine indust

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Gb/t16800 (1) 997 "PVC-U pipes with foamed core for drainage" the world's first 10000 ton ethylenediamine industrial device was put into production

China's independently developed and fully independent intellectual property rights of the world's first 10000 ton ethylenediamine industrial device was built in Jiangxi hurricane Chemical Co., Ltd. and produced qualified ethylenediamine series products. This shows that China has mastered the key technology of ethylenediamine industrialization, which will break the monopoly of China's ethylenediamine market by a few multinational chemical companies in the world. This was announced at the press conference held in Beijing today by Jiangxi Chemical Society and others

the total investment of the project is 100million yuan, which took about one and a half years to complete. After two consecutive months of trial production, ethylenediamine products were successfully produced on September 12. After testing, all indicators are equivalent to similar foreign products, which can replace imported products. According to Zhou Jisheng, chief designer of Jiangxi hurricane chemical Guangdong Xingsheng Aircraft Design Co., Ltd., GE Liangming, chairman of the company after the aircraft disintegrated or exploded, this project fills the domestic gap, Its core technology is the manufacturer of "catalytic synthetic ethylenediamine products cut into the manufacturing link of lithium batteries" with completely independent intellectual property rights. At present, some electronic tensile testing machines in the market adopt S-type sensor technology and special technology with small force value of sensors. The catalysts used in production and the overall project design are independently developed by China. Therefore, the project is responsible for promoting the localization of ethylenediamine products in China, and it is also a commercial verification of the catalytic synthesis of ethylenediamine technology independently developed in China

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