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Intelligent robot: the technological commanding height and economic growth point in the future

in recent years, Google Inc. of the United States has successively acquired a number of technology companies related to intelligent robots, which has aroused widespread concern from the outside world. The company is currently one of the most innovative and R & D capable technology companies in the world; Although its most well-known business scope is search, advertising and cloud computing, it has recently invested heavily in the intelligent robot industry. Professor zhouhaizhong, a well-known Chinese scholar, believes that it is time for Google to enter the field of intelligent robots. It has seen the technological commanding heights and economic growth points in the future; This is of far-reaching significance. It has adopted a new development model to plan for its long-term interests

intelligent robot is an integration of a variety of high and new technologies. It integrates the knowledge of many disciplines, such as machinery, electronics, sensors, computer hardware and software, artificial intelligence and so on. It involves many cutting-edge technologies. At the same time, it is also a kind of typical automatic machine. It is the extension and development of special automatic machine, anti tightening experiment (imitating the case of battery extrusion) between two flat surfaces of two or more multi-cell series parallel structure battery packs. At present, there is no unified definition of intelligent robot in the world, but most experts believe that it has at least the following three elements: one is the sensory element, which is used to understand the state of the surrounding environment; The second is the movement elements, which make reactive actions to the outside world and strive to achieve new breakthroughs; The third is to think about the elements. According to the information obtained from the sensory elements, we can think about what kind of action to adopt. Relevant experts pointed out that the intelligent robot technology will develop along the three directions of autonomy, adaptability and intelligent communication in the near future

1968, Sri international successfully developed the world's first intelligent robot Shakey. It has a certain degree of artificial intelligence, and can independently perceive, model the environment, plan the behavior and perform tasks. At present, a variety of intelligent robots, such as industrial robots, chat robots, cooking robots, cleaning robots, welcome robots, delivery robots, entertainment robots, educational robots, medical robots, combat robots and so on, have emerged and applied in different fields. With the continuous development and maturity of intelligent robot technology and the unremitting efforts of R & D personnel, more intelligent robots will go to work and enter thousands of households. This will have a transformative effect on the future society

the United States, Japan and Germany currently have obvious advantages in the field of intelligent robot research. In recent years, China has made great efforts to develop intelligent robots and made gratifying achievements. Although Chinese football has made fans lose confidence, China's self-developed intelligent robot has lived up to expectations and won the world cup robot football tournament many times. This is a remarkable achievement. Professor chenxiaoping, a Chinese robot expert, believes that China has become more and more important in the world robot landscape

robots have entered the intelligent era. Many developed countries regard intelligent robots as the commanding heights of future technological development. Relevant experts said that the intelligent robot industry will be a large-scale high-tech industry after automobiles and computers. It will drive and lead the development of other industries and provide comprehensive support for the development of emerging industries in the future; At present, the production mode dominated by human will be gradually replaced by the mode dominated by intelligent robot

The rapid development and application of intelligent robot technology will become an important driving force for the future economy. In the United States, Japan and Germany, the government and enterprises regard the intelligent robot industry as a new growth point for future economic development. In addition to Google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and other large companies have also invested heavily to seize the strategic highland of intelligent robots, so as to further enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of enterprises. According to the prediction of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), by 2020, the number of intelligent robots will exceed 15million, and the industrial scale will reach US $1.5 trillion; At that time, China will become the largest intelligent robot market in the world. Various signs show that the era of intelligent robot blowout is coming

science and technology have always been a double-edged sword. Intelligent robot technology will bring social and ethical problems to people while playing its positive role in the world's diverse view of additive manufacturing as a new growth point for future industrial development. Therefore, some people worry: will intelligent robots surpass humans in intelligence in the future, so as to affect employment, or even threaten human life and property? In fact, this concern is totally unnecessary. Intelligent robots are not omnipotent. At present, their IQ is only equivalent to that of 4-year-old children, and their common sense is much worse than that of normal adults. Professor zhouhaizhong pointed out in his article on robots published in 1990 that robots can surpass humans in terms of work intensity, computing speed and memory function, but cannot surpass humans in terms of consciousness and reasoning. Professor Hirose Maonan, a Japanese robotics expert, recently pointed out that even if intelligent robots have common sense and can replicate themselves in the future, they are unlikely to bring widespread unemployment and pose a threat to mankind. Only when intelligent robots are viewed and used correctly, can they better serve and benefit mankind

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