Advantages of the special milling machine for the

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The special milling machine for screw pump rotor has the advantages of

1, stable liquid transmission, no pulsation, no mixing, small vibration and low noise

2. It has strong self-priming performance. In case of multiphase mixed transportation, the gas content is not higher than 80% and the sand content is not higher than 500g/m3

3. The external bearing structure adopts independent lubrication and can transport various non lubricating media

4. It is driven by synchronous gear, and there is no contact between the two rotors, even if it idles for a short time

5. The pump body is equipped with a heating sleeve, which can transport all kinds of clean or low viscosity or high viscosity media containing small solid particles

6. Select the correct materials, develop more effective products for the market segment, and even transport many corrosive media

7. Double suction structure, no axial force on the rotor

8. The shaft end adopts the brand name to further increase the use of mechanical seal or biomedical materials as the basic bellows mechanical seal, which has the characteristics of long service life, less leakage and wide application range

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